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32-33 mh/s - rx 580/570

The card doesnt have 3 types of memory. I supports 3 types but it has only one which is Micron.
if you have bios mod the card correctly you can try with memory clock 2100-2150.
Also memory controller voltage should be 800 and remove the memory voltage because it doesnt work for these cards.
switch on Aggressive undervolting.
If all stable, next step is to try lowering a bit the core voltage.

vddci 800, with high core its like “normal” to have high temp´s and wattage with some cards…tho others may run way lower wattage with same settings…
Could be that chip thermal paste is dryed so might help if u re-apply paste, that´s what i should do to several of my 5xx gpu´s…it only take like 15min per gpu…lazy me!

Hi all,
Try these settings for Hynix memory cards. They are modded with Polaris Bios Editor.
They are good for Micron rams as well. First 3 cards are Aorus and the rest are plain Gigabyte :slight_smile:

One thing I would like to meantion is that most people use Ref-30 MemTweak for all cards. Thats not right to do.
Ref-30 is for Hynix and Micron cards.
You shall use Ref-20 for Samsung and Elpida. It really matters a lot.


Forgot to meantion about the miner settings.
Use these extra config arguments.

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thats my config


I get with the Rx580 35 mh/s @ 93 Watt ( DPM and MDPM works in PhoenixMiner )
Core: 1290Mhz 887mv
Mem: 2300Mhz 937mv
VDDCI @950 ( Mem to Polaris20 i/o voltage and also youre mem voltage )
Bios is Modded to max 107A en 110W max bios settings are 1366 core and 2300 mem, and other timings
I think after reading this forum it’s not bad


Can you please send me your rx480 sapphire bios?
[email protected]

First time trying mining and it isn’t going too bad except low hashrate. Does anyone have a modded bios for this card?
Radeon RX 580 8192 MB · HIS
SK Hynix H5GQ8H24MJR · 113-H5885SHD1-W90
Tried all of the above and am not getting past 24mh.

Changing the bios switch got me up to 27mh.

Did the bios flash with polaris tool and am now at 32mh.

You are awsome!
I hade the same problem and now withe these bios the card runs very well!
But one question! I have flasht this bios an my Sapphir card in now the card is named Asrock.
Is it possible to change the Name Back to Sapphir with the Polaris editor?

Good morning, I recently bought a Radeon RX 570 8192 MB
Samsung K4G80325FC · 113-1E4021SI-001 like yours, could you provide me with the original BIOS to use it in games. Contact email: [email protected]