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32-33 mh/s - rx 580/570

I see a lot of people trying to get more hashrate from their cards, so I would like to share with you my settings. I didn’t flash bios, nothing just try and use this settings.

With my rx 570 im getting 33MH/S and with my RX 580 32.5MH/S

This is for 570

And for 580

Any suggestion are more then welcomed, if i can do better. Thanks

and happy mining to all :grin:


those are some pretty stable 570’s clocked at 2240… my 580’s were crashing at like 2180 so I had to settle for 2150 also that was without taking power limit down so they were at like 130watts and still crashing :expressionless:

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Yep the 570 are rocking it all depends on the memory type! What kind of memory you have, share screenshot here i would help you

Hi. I have a Asus RX 580 with Samsung Memory.
How can I get 31–32 Mh/s with this card?


Oo man they are the worst, i have them in other rigs i cant get them more then 31,5

Try this and let me know please

Adding to the mix - every card is different for sure, and will tolerate different settings for stability.

Exact same cards on one of my rigs, slight tweaks needed to maintain stability. I got five of this same type, all with slight variances in settings. Some need the core bumped down, others the memory.

The initial settings joemk posted worked on mine, same speeds as show below, but consumption shot up to 130ish watts per card.

hello guys could help me in the configuration of this card, use hive os and teamredminer, it does not exceed 23.00 mh

Dude go to overclocking and change the settings from the picture above. With that memory you could go around 33 mh/s

what image?

Try this and tell me

There you go we have some progress

Try this


Yep that does not look good :), maybe you should try and change bios. 22.6 its to low

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with mod bios

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Have you also tried flipping the bios switch on the card to the other position, restart rig and see what happens?

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Here is my stable setting, i could tweak more hash but not worth it. These are stable 24/7. All gpu´s flashed with patched vbios. Happy mining :slight_smile:


chance your oc buddy :wink:

These are the best OCs I could get out of my Hynix and Micron, mem clock any higher generates invalids. Had to increase core a bit to keep them stable. The Micron seems much stronger.


Hey guys, I am setting up a 12 card RX580 rig and I currently have 3 cards hooked up. I cannot get more than 29.7 and all of them are Gigabyte with Samsung memory. I am attaching my OC settings, could someone please advise on what I can do to fix ?

I have not bios modded the cards.