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3070 Ti - Ergo settings

Hi, please share your settings, it would create a useful knowledge base and help us squeeze more from our cards.

Currently, this is where I am settled:


Increasing power limit helped for “GPU 1” card.

check nbminer and nvidia driver 460.39

What is the blue hashrate under ergo hashrate? Are you mining other coin simultaneously?

Zil. You can see:
Also Nanominer has zilEpoch parameter which should be set to 0 - which is already set by default.

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I’m sorry, these new LHR cards suck.
My FTW3 3070s get 165mh at 110 watts

Not sure why anyone is buying these new GPUs.? They should be boycotted.

They are not restricted on Autolykos.
Secondly, with respect to long term, I see potential in Ergo. It might give better returns than Ethereum, eventually.

Ergo, better returns?..hahaha
Etherium has the 2nd largest market cap and will pass bitcoin. They are taking after proof of stake , it will go to $30k in 5-10 yrs.
Etherium has the biggest upside of your gonna hold long term.

It’s not LHR’s fault, 3070Ti is just a less efficient card than 3070 for everything due to GDDR6X.
I think 3070 LHR can get 165mh@110W too.

All the more reason not to buy a new 3070 or 3080 ti for mining.
Ill buy a 3070 non LHR for efficiency in everything, not just one or 2 things.
Eth is still the best profit, and the old cards still have the best roi, so why buy this garbage?
If your not still mining eth then ur waste ur electricity.
Mine Erg when eth is gone. Eth isnt gone yet.
Im not paying 1200-1300 for a gpu for crappy erg profits when i can now get non LHR 3070s for $1k. Prices have dropped considerably.

Good for you, in my country 3070LHR costs msrp $720 while 3070nonLHR costs scalper price $1100.

Well you get less when u pay less…lol

From last year, Eth saw 10x growth in price whereas Ergo saw 100x. I don’t see anyone knowing for certain about the future and laughing like that - I just find to be kiddish.
Secondly, I bought these cards brand new for 400$ less than the second hand price of 3070 (non LHR). That’s the pricing in my place.
What you think to be correct, need not be correct, so kindly don’t be so assertive.

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Its going proof of stake, from then on eth will be burnt, do you know what that means?
Crypto experts are predicting its future growth potential, not me.

Tell me why Ergo would be a better upside than Eth?
Tell me a legitimate price prediction and time table?

Hi guys, those are my settings. From what I was reading it is better to configure absolute core clock, that way it seems more efficient. Although I am not finding information if it is safe in this model to set core clock 1650 or not. Can anyone help?

I had initially tried 1650 (referring him: Autolykos v2 hashrates - #289 by 1389MaRe - Mining - Ergo Community Forum) but those OC didn’t seem to work for my card. Which miner are you using?
Edit: It worked for only one of my card (though after applying OC, hashrate decreased a lot and then slowly increased, but it didn’t happen with my other cards).

If you come to know about whether 1650 is safe, kindly update here.

Im using nbminer and Nvidia drivers 465.31 (latest). Keeping FAN 70, i don’t think is a good idea.
I want to know if core clock 1650 is ok or im forcing it too much, can’t find much info.

I think it should be ok, if you look at, you can see that after putting offset of -502, clock is running at 1200 MHz, so without offset, card seems to be naturally above 1700 MHz. [Note: I may be wrong].

HI man

Tell me your drivers and miner

I have a lot of settings, i try everything for several miners, now my cards work on nanominer erg+zil

This settings help a lot, but u need to try more so u can see what settings work best for every card.

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