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3070 Ti - Ergo settings

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Stable with driver 465.31, power 135W


Can you post a picture of what those values are from? I’m a bit inexperienced so I’m confused where you have the negative number. Also, I see some mining EthHash and Autolykos2, is that a different coin or set up to put on HiveOs?

3 cartes en LHR


Which driver?


I remember when the 30 series came out, I would see posts about 3070 overclocks and ppl would comment saying, „Why are you mining on a 3070 when it gets the same hashrate as a 3060ti?!?“

Or even better, „Why are you mining on a 3090, that Card pulls 300w?!?“

The point is all the People who couldn’t get 3060ti‘s and bought other higher watt cards still made bank this bull market and met their ROI sooner than expected. I believe the same will be true for LHR cards. There is plenty of money to be made mining Ergo and ravencoin.


The problem is the performance went backwards from regular 3070s.
The old cards (1660s 2060s)are old and they do ok vs the newer 30 series. But now that the new new 30 series is out, they suck worse than the old 30 series.
Honestly, the new TIs i would completely avoid. The regular LHR cards are really good on other algos. The tis are just to power hungry.

Yeah the performance definitely went backward on ethash for sure. My 3070ti only gets 43.5Mh if it’s plugged into a full size pcie slot(it also works on a side mount riser). On a 1x riser it will nerf itself down into the 20s. The cards seemed to be engineered to be less efficient at mining. I have heard the ti’s get higher fps gaming but haven’t verified that myself.

I do agree to avoid the new ti’s if possible for mining, I only got one because I won it on the Newegg shuffle. It’s a gigabyte aorus, fancy looking card with an LCD screen, feels like kinda a waste to throw it in a mining rig but still makes profit.

What wallet are you using to sell ergo for USD or BTC/ETH?

Hello friends!
Forgive my brazilian english :smiley:
Here are my results with:

GeForce RTX™ 3070 Ti Phoenix GAINWARD= 182 MH
OC: HiveOS 1620 - 3600 - 174

ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 3070 Twin Edge OC: 116,2 MH
OC: 750 - 2700 - 125

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@MarcSribeiro Hey Friend

I have the same 3070 (Non-LHR version) and get about 171 MH. My setting are Core: -475 Mem: 2400 PL: 120

Check this video: 3080 Ti & 3070 Ti - New records on Ergo - Mining Softwares Comparison - YouTube

Corresponding overclock settings sheet: Detailed OC Settings v0.3.xlsx - Google Spreadsheets

Getting good result by changing my miner from nanominer to t-rex.

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My new 3070ti best settings is core 1500 memory 2700 PL 0. Try it.

This is my settings, but one rig working well on the second is these settings not stable.