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3070 MSI overclocks on AUTOLYKOS2 ERGO OC

If you are looking for some oc’s stats i’ve done some on a 3070 MSI gaming X trio,
Please understand that these overclocks will not be the same for you

Good mining !

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i may do some more if you have suggestions let me know

what I see on my rig is that memory doesnt do much. Core setting more important. I’m testing with a fixed core clock and leave power limit off >130Watt.

oh great !

which miner do you use? i’m testing nanominer on nicehash wallet

nbminer v.38.1

Using core offset i get a better efficiency… don’t know why :thinking:

Absolute core clock (if i lower core, hashrate drops. If i increase core to get the same hash rate as core offset, power consumption rises)

Core clock offset -500

I have tried various settings on my RTX3070 x8 rig, from absolute clocks to reducing the clock, and from 900 memory to 2600 memory with those combinations, I get invalids. Using trex miner on nanopool. Are you guys getting many invalids? After 12 hours running 1550 clock and 1800 mhz, I was at 99.56%. Not used to this, on Eth it was a very rare thing.

I had the same invalids as you describe

In my opinin 99.5 is fine.
I`m getting 95% sommetimes on nicehash-ethash - that sux.

1 dont mine on hiveon,
2 this is a ERGO topic not eth

For Ergo 3070:

CORE 1500
MEM0 0
PL 150

170/171mhs with TREX last update: don’t OC memory ergo is cold algo use juste bandwitch memory

Veo que una 3070 le esta dando 166 mh, eso es correcto o estoy equivocado?
I see that a 3070 is giving 166 mh, is that correct or am I wrong?

On ergo yes

Que configuracion puso que lo llevo alla?
What configuration did you put that took you there?

mi tarjeta solo llega alrededor de 63

my card only arrives around 63

Abs core 1600 / mem 2600 try this.

T-rex miner

More information here:

ERGO Mining

ERG is a gem for 4 GB AMD GPU. At the same time it’s rather good for both Nvidia and AMD cards.

Best Mining Software (Miners)

TeamRedMiner (for AMD)
T-rex (for Nvidia, memory tweak support)

ERG Hardware Hashrate Chart

P106-90 - 45-50 MH/s
P106-100 - 55 MH/s (Nbminer, with mt parameter)
P104-100 - 80 MH/s (Nbminer, with mt parameter)
1050ti - 35 MH/s
1060 - 50-55 MH/s (Nbminer, with mt parameter)
1650 - 35-37 MH/s
1660 - 41 MH/s
1660s - 63 MH/s
1070 - 70 MH/s (Nbminer, with mt parameter)
1080 - 72 MH/s (Nbminer, with mt parameter)
1080ti - 115 MH/s (Nbminer, with mt parameter)
2060S - 75 MH/s
2070s - 78-84 MH/s
2080ti - 105 MH/s
3060 - 115 MH/s
3060ti - 170 MH/s
3070 - 170 MH/s
3070ti - 175 MH/s
3080 - 225 MH/s
3080ti - 270-280 MH/s
3090 - 276 MH/s

R9 390 - 52 MH/s
RX460 - 35-37 MH/s
RX488 - 60-68 MH/s
RX574 - 60-68 MH/s
RX550 - 35-37 MH/s
RX560 - 35-37 MH/s
RX580 - 60-68 MH/s
Vega56 - 160-170 MH/s
RX5700 - 105-110 Mh/s
RX6800 -

Source: woolypool

Love that

Amigo, es otra moneda (ergo). Se tratan de velocidades no aplicables a ETH.