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3070 LHR Mining Raven and Ergo Settings

In panic mode and stoked to see cards available, I ordered two EVGA 3070 ftw3 bundles from Newegg thinking that I would receive a pre-LHR card (the bundle description stated 3070ftw3 and only upon clicking a link to the card specifically did it disclose they were LHR). Yesterday I opened the bundles and spent the day setting up/tweaking the cards to make sure they worked before realizing what had happened - now I can’t send them back. Stupid mistake and I was pretty bummed BUT I have been having some decent preliminary success mining RVN (30mhs @150w) and ERG (160mhs @120w). It also mines 34mhs @ 100w on ETH without much tweaking AND I have some hope that a workaround for ether mining will appear.

Any thoughts about what I’ve said?

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I am sorry to discourage you but it doesnt appear to be a work around and wont b anytime soon. If someone finds, he will keep it for himself because cards will drop in value and he will buy cheap. Then again it appears that NVIDIA keeps going limiting other alt coins and not only ETH.
On the other hand if you mine with lolminer they have like 70% boost to ETH mining now and you might achieve 40+ MH/s

I appreciate the tip about Lol - I’ll continue doing some hard and software tweaks and see what can be done. Either way, I’m making just under 4$/day a card which is fairly close to ETH (4.12$/day). Do I wish that I had a non-LHR? Totally but I’ll figure something out.

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U can mine Ergo

These unlocking leaks are never kept secret, nobody can keep their mouth shut. IF it happens, it will get out.
What other algorithms are they limiting?

Ok, how much were the gpus roughly if you subtract the other components in the bundle?
You can get non LHR ftw3s for $1k anywhere but ebay at this point.

I got them for below msrp but with taxes the gpu’s were about 1100.

what miner do you use to mine ERG? and what is your Nvidia driver version?

I have the same card as yours, and been mining RVN around 31 mh/s @ 150w

I was using T-Rex but I go back and forth between it and GMiner.

Update - I’m attempting a bios and hardware mod. From what I can see (for my specific card) there may be a way to change the device id and go to a similar phase bios from evga. As for the hardware - dummy plugs and a 16x riser are in the mail.

BUT! all this being said, my profits mining RVN are comparable to Whattomine’s 3070 non-lhr ETH - I’m now getting 33 mhs @ 151w.

what’s your NVIDIA driver?

I think mining RVN is by far the most profitable for 3070 lhr

What are your profits vs a non LHR?

According to my stats and What to Mine right now, $3.28 usd (RVN on my LHR) to $3.31 usd (Ethash on avrg. non-lhr).

14July 2021
ZOTAC - RTX 3070ti AMP Holo
Windows 10 Pro
Nvida Driver: 471.11
Trex Miner 0.21.3 – RVN
Hashrate 35.1 MH/s. //// Core: 0 // Mem: 1000 // PL: 70% // Fan: 90%
239w @ 73.2 RVN/Day = $3.53/Day

14 July 2021
Linux HiveOS:
Driver: 465.31
Hashrate 39.3 MH/s //// Core: 0 // Mem: 2000 // PL: 240w // Fan: 80%
239w @ 80.6 RVN/Day = $4.06/Day


i love when they buy first and read later…

Show me ur stats

So this rig has a 98% efficiency and a LA rating of .44
It’s been mining for four days with no issues (getting it to stability was tough). 3070 LHRs are temperamental - you can push them and they’ll be fine for a bit before going crazy and crashing the rig; this is likely due to the limiter which I believe is related to vram phases. Dummy plugs seem to help in stability but do not increase hash rates - same goes for the 16x pcie but I’ll have to dig more here. Switching the stock bioses back and forth increases hashrates for an hour or so but eventually the card destabilizes and you get invalid shares (this again makes me think that a vbios change is the solution, maybe in combo with dummy plugs)

3325 memory on the 3070’s??
Dude, you just trying to kill your GPU ?
Max memory is 1500, so in Hive its 3000, your at 3325…hahaha.

No wonder your numbers are so good…death by memory…lol