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3060 Ti Overclock in HiveOS

Hi, I am trying to Overclock my 3060 Ti on HiveOS.

On Windows I had the following OCs:
-OverClock Core: 100
-Memory: 1360
-Power Limit: 65


these are my settings

Core can be set on -502. This way there is more power going to the memory which give some little higher hashrate

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I see both of you guys have mem on 2500 and Power on 125. Also is the 65 Fan speed for you guys? It would be great if you can send a screenshot of the OC template. On a sidenote is it possible to add more power and up the mem, let’s say 130 on power and 2600 on mem? Also, core I just add minus in the front?

the “ohhgodenlargementpill” setting is just for the GTX1080ti, so ignore this setting for the RTX30’s. I use the auto fan controller, which keep the core on 55 degrees with a mimimum fan speed of 55%. If you have a low ambient tempererature it should be possible to put mem on 2600 with a PL of 125. I also read that it is better to put a delay on the OC setttings… not sure why, but i think this ensures DAG is completed prior to OC

probably 2600 will give you invalid shares

This are my settings

hello, i use 5 2080ti cards and hashrate is between 59.00 and 61.2, with 160/170w , Fcore -200,Fmem 2200, temp always between 59° and 61° to have 60% efficiency, if temp goes down, efficiency move up to 75%, is it good??
Could you explain to me if -500 (core freq) have influence on temp or not

Set an absolute core clock isntead.

Here is my OC Template for my 3060 TI’s.

Hope this helps and Happy Hashing :money_mouth_face:!

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Here is a screen cap of my workers with the applied OC from above.

Hope this helps and Happy Hashing :money_mouth_face: !


What pool and miner are you using? I’m mining Nicehash Ethash with Ethminer and my numbers are not very good :confused:

I’m mining Hiveon, Ethash, with Phoenix Miner. I picked the pool because when I was looking at their average rate per 100MH/s, it was good IMO. I picked the Phoenix Miner because HiveOS’s stats page showed more than 40% of miners using their OS were using Phoenix Miner. My guess is because of the 0.65% fee isntead of the standard 1%, but I don’t know. I was using T-Rex when I was windows mining.

Your cards has a -200 clock set. Try changing the clock to 1360 and remove the PL. The great thing about removing the PL when you have an absolute clock set is that you generally get less errors as the card will be able to draw the amount of power it needs for a spike, then it goes back down. This should help reduce the amount of invalid shares you’re getting.

With regards to numbers, you want to aim for efficiency. So you have to do a little math. Take your current harrate multiply by 1000 and then divide that number by the power draw of that card. So in your case, the equation will look like this (59.51*1000)/136 = 437.57. You want this number to be around 500.

Hope this helps and Happy Hashing :money_mouth_face: !

Alright, I’ll be giving this a shot.

I bailed on phoenixminer because of the warning issued by Nicehash
Whether this is good advice or not, I’ll be the better safe than sorry cliche this go around. I’ve also read that the phoenixminer hash rates have been reported to be inflated.

I used T-Rex when I was on Hiveon Pool, and the rates were better, but you wan’t use T-Rex when you’re mining Nicehash unless you know more about miner configs than me lol

Settled on Ethminer after reading this article
Best Ethereum Mining Software for Nvidia and AMD - Crypto Mining Blog.
which had this in it

After seeing the ‘real hash rate’ number variance, it sounded like the reported hash rate wasn’t as important. That said, I still don’t want to be 5-10% below the rest of the field for obv reasons

I’ll let you know what I can come up with. I’ve already got my 3070s running with absolute core clocks and it’s been working great. Thanks for all your help!

No worries. Glad I could help.

BTW, I’ve read/heard that NiceHash was bashing PhoenixMiner to promote their own mining software. I’m not sure if that’s true or not, just stuff I’ve read on Reddit and other mining community boards. There’s an interesting Reddit thread here about NiceHash and PhoenixMiner.

NiceHash just posted about T-Rex. They’re disabling the plug-in for any new installs of their mining software because the miner was just suspended by Github for “unknown” reasons.

If you’re worried about PhoenixMiner reporting false hashrates, here is a snap of my latest 24HR/Avg on Hiveon. I’m very happy with the results.

Guess we can’t dodge politics anywhere lol.

The invalids resurfaced for me after an hour, I’ve got another thread going here 3060ti Issues - #6 by JustAGuy as to not hijack this one


You don’t by chance have the OC’s for a PNY 3060 ti? I can’t quite get 61MH, about levels out I think at ~59 or 60.

Yea, so I do have a PNY and it’s a bit below par regarding my other cards.

I have an absolute core clock set to 1350 and the mem set to 2300. The power draw is ~ 118 Watts with a hash rate of ~ 60. I’m getting a 0.51 MH/J, so that’s really good. My temps are solid on the card as well with the GPU temp @ ~ 58 and the VRAM temps @ ~ 55. This is about as stable as I could get the card. If I pushed the core clock or the mem clock any further I’d get more stale/invalid shares than I liked, so I dialed it back a bit.

Hope this helps and Happy Hashing :money_mouth_face:


Here’s mine PNY overclock, the rejected share i got is because i tried to push it over 2600 memory clock, but at -500 core, 2500 mem and 125 pl i was getting a stable 62.5, i haven’t set up a good fan cooling system yet that’s why the temp is a little high, but with those overclocks in a suitable environment you can easily reach above 63 mh.

I have bought two rtx 3060 ti evga and no matter wt i do i only get 31 hash rate !! Could my card be bad ? Or am i doing aomething wrong , i put the same exact setting ur putting for the evga car u have

But i got the same results !

I tried every possible setting for the 3060 ti but i get the same results

Whats up with that ?

@Zox Check the part number. EVGA has listed their part numbers for the LHR cards. If your part number ends in KL then you have an LHR card and there isn’t much you can do other than trade someone for an older card. If the part number ends in KR then we can start diving into your settings