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3060 Ti Overclock in HiveOS

Well i have problem with 3060TI
i have
Gigabyte vision OC 8GB
and when i apply any of your suggested OC i cant get more than 33hash

I use hivepool with phoenixminer.

if anyone have any idea i will be very thankful!

Ya, LHR card.
Drop ur memory to 2600. 3000 is waaaay to high

hi, i`m ussing 60% fun -500 core 2100 mem 130 pl and is ok 60.22mhz

Is it possible to get 40 using rig de Palit 3060 ti v2?
If anyone is using it, can you post the screen ss?

Here is mine. I get 43,33 MH/s and power less than 110 W.

what brand VGA are you using? @dejan

yes i have one palit 3060 ti lhr dual fan hynix memory.

core clock 1350
mem clock 2100
pl no
hashrate 43mh/s
power 135 w

Of course, I changed the thermal pads.
The gpu temperature dropped from 60 C to 45 C.

what kind of mother board / CPU do you have this on?

Asus RoG Strix Z370-I Gaming. It’s an itx board, so I use a pci splitter to connect the 4 GPU’s

I’ve cracked the 47 mh/s barrier, looks to be about 47.5 on my EVGA 3060 ti.

Not exactly sure what the settings would be on hiveos since I have this card in my minerstat rig. The settings are:

locked core at 1520, power at 145, nvidia-smi is showing memory at 8451.
Core temp is hovering around 55C.
Hive pool is showing this, so it hasn’t quite been running at 24 hours on this new setting.

and also, this is what I’m getting from watching the miner screen:

Samsung or Hynix memory?

minerstat doesn’t show, if you know the command, I’ll run it.

what brand of thermal pad are you using for RTX 3060 Ti ?

power/watts on wall shows how much for 3060 Ti?

The thermal pads I bought did not have any brand, name or address on them. In my country, not everything can be bought, stores unfortunately do not have different brands.

I do not know how much consumption is on the wall, I can not measure.