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2060 super Eth settings


Just bought a 2060 super for mining and i can’t seem to make it work as I want to.

I’m using latest phoenixminer and I’ve tried to play with OC settings but it doesn’t go further than 38.7 mh/s, power consumption is low for that card, but this is the best settings I’ve been able to get.

What configs are you using?
Any help would be very useful as ther is not much information about 2060 supers on this forum :frowning:

I’ve tried to rise mem clock higher, but doesn’t seem to affect hashrate in any way

I have the same issue. I try diferent oc and mem clock but the hashrate its the same (37-38 mhs) with a power consumption 103 w. I try upgrading the drivers to last version N 460.56 and clearing all the oc profiles and apply new oc but the hasrate and power consumption do not increase

i have same problem with all of my 2060 super even in Windows
can you figure out what’s the problem?

I gave up as nothing seemed to work, best settings I found are 0 clock 1200 mem 125 power limit.
That is giving me ~39.5 Mh/s @ 100W. I think that is the best I can get.

I’m thinking of adding/changing its thermal pads, as it starts at 41 Mh/s and hashrate seems to drop to as low as 39 Mh/s as the card gets hotter. The same happens with my 1080 ti, so I might replace their thermal pads nad add more on the hottest spots and see if it makes a difference.
I’ll write it down if it makes an improvement.

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Any progress?
Some other people and I have the same issue. We are on this topic:

If you have any progress, let us know, please.

Thank you for this core oc settings. Now my 2060s achieve >46 mhs.

abs 1050
mem 1100

44.04mh stable

Which brand card? also memory brand? of your card. with your setting I am getting 40.6 MH. only. I am using Palit 2060 Super with Samsung memory.

Same card. Check this config
Core 1050
Mem 1100

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so your mem setting is above 2000 not 1100 as you mentioned. So mine was one of the optimal settings.

Hi Guys,
I followed the thread and couldn’t achieve what I am looking from this card. Here are the details:

My desired scenario to achieve high hashrate (44 MH/S) and low power consumption (100w):

Mining: Eth + Zil on HiveOn Pool (Only option currently available for Nvidia card is NanoMiner for dual mining)
PhoenixMiner isn’t working using the latest version and V5.4c is not giving stable hashrate. It is fluctuating alot. PhoenixMiner also doesnt support dual mining configuration (–pool_strategy=min_epoch) just like TeamRedMiner or may be I am not aware.

HiveOS: [email protected] (Latest updated)
Nvidia drivers: 460.67
Pool: HiveOn Pool
Miner: NanoMiner (Dual mining Eth+Zil)
GPU: Palit RTX 2060 Super (Also dual mining on AMD cards on the same rig using TeamRedMinder)

I was getting 43.5 MH/s on Nicehash Quick Miner on Windows (Very stable)
I was getting stable results on my AMD cards using Kryptex (PhoenixMiner + DaggerHashimoto) on Windows

Here are the results from 2060 Super on HiveOS:
Core: 1050
Memory: 2200
Power Consumption: 98W
Accepted/Rejected Ratio: 95%

But high Rejected shares
Screen Shot 2021-07-10 at 1.27.15 PM

Miner isn’t crashing but 95% results will not give me good profitability and keeping it on low hashrate but 100% ratio might be better i guess. I will share results from HiveOn pool dashboard after 24 hours with stable OC which will guarantee that profitability and hashrate are giving correct resuts.

Stable OC on HiveOS:
Core: -50
Memory: 2100
Power Consumption: 125W
Accepted/Rejected Ratio: 98-99%

Finally got around to trying one of these 2060 Supers… the poor middle child of cards…

Best I can do in windows for now!
42.46 MH @ 110W

Holy cow are they painful to overclock \ under-volt and they often react completely differently to what you’re expecting

Should be much easier in HiveOS with any luck…

I see all the cards with samsung memory are doing 43+ MH. Does anyone with micron memory can produce a decent result? The samsung setting cannot be copied to micron and produce the same result. I cannot even hit 40. I think the operator’s card has micron memory as well

I have the exact same problem on my 2060S gigabyte.
On Hive OS this is the best results i can get out of it.

If i try windows it can do 42mhs+ using 101% PL (1035 Locked Core + 750 Memory at 120w, using t-rex).

Hi! Can you show your table hashrate? Thanks!

2060 супер я настроил вот так.

01: 00.0

карта GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER 7982 МБ · NVIDIASamsung GDDR6 · · PL 125 Вт , 175 Вт , 175 Вт
выдает 43,52 м\н венты 0 -400 2050 130W
бассеин ти рекс

this is my overclock for 2060super palit …here you are guys …
use it for your carts .

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