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1660ti hynix

anyone is using 1660ti with Hynix? i only can get 25mhs with
Core: -600
Mem: -1004
any advise?

try core 1060 and mem 2200

20Mhs :frowning:

1150 core and 2300 mem … take PL off
just to see

not good ser. 20.45mhs

Core 900, memory 1090, pl 70 = Trex 28.8

thanks… i got 27 now… shame can’t do 31 mhs l

thanks bro… i managed to push to 28.8 with 74w… appreciate your reply

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set the PL to 70 and you get 64W and the same performance

does not like it :frowning:

TRex miner?


oh, I have 3 cards with hynix and getting 61, 64 and 68W and 28.89Mhs each

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i see… thanks anyway… i have spend so much time until you told me the setting

-500 +2299 pl:70-75 31.4 mh/s stable on 10x samsung 1660 ti

mine is hynix… it does not like those setting

ГП 0

GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 5944 МБ · NVIDIA

Samsung GDDR6 · 90.16.4D.00.BF · PL 70 Вт , 120 Вт , 130 Вт

31,51 млн часов



55 вт

1150 ядро

2200 память

70 пл

Use same OC that are in the test: TEST TURING

Hi @bmulyawan,

Have you found any settings which increases the hash rate? I’m experiencing the same issue, GPU: Gigabyte 1660ti with Hynix memory.