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1660s gaming x Froz7 model bios 90.16.5A.00.4C

Hi i change my gtx 1660s gaming x froz7 model with hynix mem, bios 90.16.5A.00.4C
I download the palit bios to change with it result successfully vflash bios but once i reboot my rig it shows me can’t find any X SERVER, started stop ureadahead data collection.
And the miner don’t want to start.

Anybody got that problem. I update drivers too from hiveos itself.
What imma doing wrong.

kindly whaazaa

Did you test with the card directly on the board by itself?

I have the same problem after uploading the palit bios to the 1660 super gaming x card with the bios number 90.16.5A.00.4C, after the restart it shows that it is the samsung memory and not the hynix and it resets all the time, no matter how I upload the bios in win or hive.
Someone has a bios version to match this card ???

I have same problem. First hiveos showed hynix memory and after bios update it is samsung memory. Unable to flash original bios with hiveos or windows nvflash. GPU mismatch. Accept only palit or msi (”reddit bios”) and not working. GPU is now unusable. Hope someone can solve this problem.

yup i tested it and it shows after palit bios the gpu it turns on Samsung memory… so my guess it is not compatible. It may happen for some GPU. My conclusion those Msi gaming x twin frozr7 are Fake hynix memory haha. There gpu are really good for gaming tho. but the compatiblity for the palit bios is not working.

Which action i took… well i but back the original bios(that you guys should back-up before the changing with the palit bios) and let it mine on this. Since we can dual-mining ETH-TON with all gpu now i tested it and with OC 1600core clock 1800mem clock 110pl it result for around 28-29mh/s ETH and 600mh/s onTON which is ok… but my 1660ti can go further with 31 mhs ETH and 700mhs ich on TON.

Good continuity if by any chance someone find a good bios to push further the mining power for those gpu let me know.

have a great day all.

How you managed to get original bios back? Hiveos? Windows(nvflash)? Dos(nvflash)?

I managed to get original bios back with command prompt and nvflash(patched). Card is alive :). ETH 30.70MH/s and 69w. Now showing hynix memory again.

Since you backed up your bios keep it like that. You just need to manage the right OC, for myself i dualmine ETH-TON with 1600coreclock and 3000memclock 110pl it gives me 30mhs ETH and 617mhs TON. Probably you can reach 33-34-35mhs only ETH depend on the gpu

I also have a asus tuf 1660ti on ETH-TON too and it works better, 1600coreclock 4500memclock 110pl for a result of 31mhs ETH 670mhs TON.

i personnally bios my cards with hive shell start on prompt command linux
follow this link it will be helpful. It’s all detail.

hi everyone, can somebody send me please this bios?
my email is [email protected]

I have this one

I sent to you

I have had the same problem when doing bios mod.
I was able to go back to the original Bios.

The question is… what OC values for original bios are recommended, without making the card suffer, in order to achieve the 31.5 mhs that is usually the usual performance of these models without flash bios?

What oc values are you using?

1100 2700

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if you dual mine eth-ton i suggest you this OC: 1600 2700 110pl 80 fan

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Profitability calculations for dual eth ton isnt very Profitable for 1660supers.

its debatable…

Hi, can u sent me bios 90.16.5A.00.4C too
[email protected]