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1070 8G, OC settings on ETHASH

I am having hard time getting some stability with OC settings on my 1070:s. The rig crashes about 1-2 times a day, any clue on how to improve that?

try this settings
it might help you
Core: -100
Memory: 1200
Power Limit: between 100 to 120

Thanks I m gonna give it try

aggressive OC settings can effect stability of GPUs if Power level is too low. If crashing, I would increase power to 115w to 120w and use the following settings

core: 0
mem: 1000
power 115

test - if good for 24 hours bump the mem to 1200 - test

Hope this helps

Have run those OC settings without any crashes for 2 hours now…

I have Asus dual 1070 8gb OC version, with settings above i am getting only 24 mh/s.
CC : -160
MC : 1050
PL : 110
With stock setting I get 25mh/s I want to reduce power consumption coz at stock it consumes almost 145watts.
How you guys are able to get these hashrates at low power (95-100 watts).
Is there any special version of driver or hiveos I need??

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This is my settings.
those settings are completely different settings of last year.
Do you guys know any better settings ?

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I try this one, but im going to try some of the others, the look quite interesting.

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“Profile2-GTX1070-Ethash”: {
“PowerLimit”: 81,
“ThermalLimit”: 83,
“MemoryClockBoost”: “+250”,
“CoreClockBoost”: “+100”,
“LockVoltagePoint”: “*”,
“PreCmd”: “”,
“PreCmdArguments”: “”,
“PostCmd”: “”,
“PostCmdArguments”: “”

27 MH

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After many tries, I am unable to reach more than 28MH.

Palit GTX1070 (Micron)

My Asus 1070 8GB Turbo (single fan blower) performed very oddly when compared to the setups posted here. After lots of trial and error, my ideal setup is +250 core, 250 mem, 130W, holding ~27.3MH. I was able to run 1200 mem fine, but it performed worse than this setup (not much worse, but, worse). 115-120W with the same settings is more efficient, but currently I’m just running 1 gpu so I figure I may as well push it a bit more since I’m powering the rest of the PC anyways. I’d run it at 100% power if it didn’t run hot (~75c at max power). This may also be a one-off for this GPU since I’ve only tested one card, but figured I’d post this setup here for anyone having issues since the settings I settled with are a lot different than any 1070 settings I could find.

this is my setting what im running.

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you are the best

Those are my settings

I use this settings

what did you have your fan set at for those hash rates?

I think any 1070 can get around 28 MH with PL130.
but it’s depend on Temp…

Fans is setting to “auto”.

Hi Joseclaudio,

and for how long do you have this oc setting running.
I was running core 150 mem 1200 pl 130 and once a while it stop hashing and when i search the logs i found ([122380.060459][ C3] NVRM: Xid (PCI:0000:01:00): 8, pid=2840, Channel 00000012)

It’s running for a month and worker didn’t stop.