Save up to 30%
of energy costs
on mining farms

With Hiveon Energy, you get access to multiple grid balancing programs, leading software and hardware for mining farms

For any data center of min 0,5 MW02

Grid balancing

  1. 01

    Market demand

    Developed energy markets lack stability in terms of energy production and are ready to compensate consumers for keeping the energy grid stable

  2. 02

    Mining farm input

    Mining site owners can make their assets available to reduce power consumption at certain time periods, thus stabilizing the grid and making a profit

  3. 03


    Taking part in the program may only require a few minutes of actual power off since, most of the time, the mining farm is paid just for its availability

  4. 04

    Easy start

    Hiveon Energy takes care of all the necessary hardware installation, paperwork and liaison with the grid operator and energy supplier


Free installation and management

No need to pay in advance — our installation and farm management services are completely free

We have created a win-win cooperation model, where the only payment we get is a fee from your farm’s savings


Already working
in Sweden Sweden

Launched in October 2022, our client’s site in Sweden follows the FCR-D UP program and is fully operated by Hive OS using our ASIC firmware

  1. 10 MW under management

  2. Response time
    under 5 seconds

  3. Run on 100%
    renewable energy

#1 OS among miners05

Get the most
out of mining

With Hive OS and ASIC Firmware, you can monitor the energy market and participate in several programs of cost optimization, choosing the most beneficial solution

Our software reacts to the energy market demands in mere seconds while keeping your hardware safe and preventing any long-term effects of active mining

Industry leaders

Our team consists of energy industry professionals who have decades of combined experience building new and managing existing power generation assets

  1. 500+ MW developed
    for utility-scale renewable energy projects

  2. 20+ GW assets managed
    on large power plants