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Miner logs

The simple way: click the Log button under the Miner selection:

logs image

You will get a response with the current screen of the miner. Click the chat icon near the miner log balloon:

logs image

Actually this not a real log, it’s just a miner's screen. The real files are stored in /var/log/miner/xxxx/*.log.

So you open mc on the rig and go to /var/log/miner/claymore and find lastrun_noappend.log there. logs image

You can have a look at the last 100 lines of it with a command like this:

tail -n 100 /var/log/miner/claymore/lastrun_noappend.log.

Logs are rotating with each miner restart, so there are lastrun_noappend.1.log, lastrun_noappend.2.log,...

System logs

The main system log containing all the messages: less /var/log/syslog.

Hive starting logs from all boots: journalctl -u hive.

Hive X server (graphical interface) starting log. “-b0” is the option to show only the current boot. May be helpful inspecting X server problems. VNC server log is also there and you can inspect VNC access and logins: journalctl -u hivex -b0.

To show booting messages and current kernel or driver errors: dmesg.

Authentication logs. This command will show who had logged in via SSH: cat /var/log/auth.log | grep "Accepted".

And sure there is Hive agent log, all communication with the server is there: less /var/log/hive-agent.log.