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When to use flash drives? Firstly when you want to test. This is easy, you just grab one you have and in a dozen of minutes you can plug it in and test Hive without ruining your current Windows, for example. Any flash will work, USB 3.0 is not required. It’s just a matter of boot speed. Then if you are happy with it you can leave it as it is.

The downfalls of using flash pen drives. They are slow to write. Even if it’s 3.0 it still may have slow writes speed line 10-15mbps, while reading can be 60-100mbps. So you waste time on writing new images if you have a lot of rigs.

Besides, they can work like forever or die in few days. Some show you corrupt file system with messages like this:

drive image

Some even fail to boot. We've seen Sandisks which booted only one time and waved you with a hand heading to a better world.

But what is great about the flash drives is that they are cheap. You can buy a bucket of them and just throw them out when they fail. Even 8gb USB 3.0 is cheap. But if your location is distant this is not your choice. Go SSD.

SSD. This is the best option. The only bad thing is the price. Probably you can find some cheap on aftermarket.

HDD. This is the option if you just have it and that’s it. The price for 32gb SSD and 200gb HDD is roughly the same and there is no reason you should choose HDD over SSD.

And the last thing. Buy a SSD USB 3.0 pocket or tray to connect it to your computer. drive image

From version 0.5-30 you can run this to put log in RAM to save your USB flash drive: logs-off.