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Installation guide S19, S19j, S19j Pro, S19 Pro, T19

Important Note

S19, S19j, S19j Pro, S19 Pro, and T19 firmware packages can only be installed on the Series 19 single-deck Xilinx control board. Double-decked boards are not supported until further notice.

If you use a control board of the 17 series, installing the xilinx17 file is required.


An SD card of up to 16 GB is required.

Installation steps:

Download one of the following archives depending on the control board version (19 or 17):

S19 http://download.hiveos.farm/asic/S19/SD-S19_xilinx19-Hiveon-latest.zip http://download.hiveos.farm/asic/S19/SD-S19_xilinx17-Hiveon-latest.zip

S19j http://download.hiveos.farm/asic/S19J/SD-S19J_xilinx19-Hiveon-latest.zip http://download.hiveos.farm/asic/S19J/SD-S19J_xilinx17-Hiveon-latest.zip

S19j Pro http://download.hiveos.farm/asic/S19JPRO/SD-S19JPRO_xilinx19-Hiveon-latest.zip http://download.hiveos.farm/asic/S19JPRO/SD-S19JPRO_xilinx17-Hiveon-latest.zip

S19 Pro http://download.hiveos.farm/asic/S19PRO/SD-S19PRO_xilinx19-Hiveon-latest.zip http://download.hiveos.farm/asic/S19PRO/SD-S19PRO_xilinx17-Hiveon-latest.zip

T19 http://download.hiveos.farm/asic/T19/SD-T19_xilinx19-Hiveon-latest.zip http://download.hiveos.farm/asic/T19/SD-T19_xilinx17-Hiveon-latest.zip

After the necessary archive is downloaded, do the following steps:

  1. Format an SD card to FAT32.

  2. Unzip the downloaded archive and save its data on the SD card. Note that the SD card should be kept inside your ASIC. A firmware is uploaded from the card, not into the ASIC's flash memory.

  3. Turn off your ASIC.

  4. Insert the SD into the control board's slot.

  5. Turn on your ASIC.

For information on how to link your ASIC to the Hive OS account, see Antminer Series 19

Important Note

The Beagle Bone control boards are under development and will appear in the nearest releases.

Firmware update via ASIC web

If a firmware is already installed on the SD card, and the ASIC is running, you can download the WEB upgrade firmware. Next, select this file on the update tab in ASIC web. Thus, it will not be necessary to overwrite the firmware on the SD card if it was previously installed.