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Hashrate Watchdog in Hiveon OS

SimpleRigResetter SRRv2 Watchdog


You need to create a file on the rig: /hive-config/watchdog_srrv2.txt


# Device serial number

# The slot where this rig is connected, 1-8

# Extension board serial if you have one

After reboot please turn off windows client as it will send pings also.

Chinese Watchdogs

The are a lot on Chinese watchdogs on the market. You can find them on Aliexpress or Ebay. They can come in different shapes and flavors but based on the same chip. watchdogs image

watchdogs image

To test reset you can run the following command after connecting it to your system: hive/opt/qinheng/hl340 reset

Run this command to check device ID: lsusb

Supported chips are:

  • 1a86:7523
  • 5131:2007
  • 0471:2379

There is another kind of watchdog with the same ID but on Arduino Nano. It can’t be detected. To use it you need to run /hive/opt/qinheng/wd-nano on.

watchdogs image

OpenDev Watchdog

Supported watchdog https://open-dev.ru/watchdog. You may just plug it in and that’s it. No configuration required.

You can check if it’s detected with the following command:

$ journalctl -u hive -b0

Oct 28 23:37:55 worker hive[861]: > Detecting watchdogs

Oct 28 23:37:55 worker hive[861]: Watchdogs InUa found: 0

Oct 28 23:37:55 worker hive[861]: Watchdogs OpenDev found: 1

How to really test it:

Disconnect wires from watchodog (or do not if you dare) and do the following: /hive/opt/opendev/watchdog-opendev reset.

Running this will send reset command: /hive/opt/opendev/watchdog-opendev power.

Pro version will consume this command also. You should see LED blinking.