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New security rules of Hive OS

Thanks to the latest updates, Hive OS has become even more secure — now you will need a verification code to perform certain actions. The details are provided below:

For new users

  • New users have to confirm their email addresses when registering.

  • If necessary, the code can be resent (the first time it is sent automatically after clicking the Register button).

securityrulesofhiveos securityrulesofhiveos
  • When logging in to an account for the first time, a new user will be greeted with a window where 2FA can be enabled (plus a video guide).

Changing the email address

  • Until your email address is confirmed, you can change it without a verification code.

  • If your email address has already been confirmed, but you don't have 2FA enabled, the verification code will be sent to your current email, and at the next step — to the new one.

  • If your email address is confirmed and you have 2FA enabled, you will first be asked for a code from 2FA, and then for a code from a new email address.

Actions that require a verification code from email (if 2FA isn’t enabled)

  • Changing the password inside the account.

  • Viewing and creating API tokens.

  • Providing other users with access to the farm.
  • Sending funds from your Hive OS balance to another user.

  • Transferring a farm to another user.

  • Replenishment of someone else's farm from the account balance or from one of your farms (this action must be confirmed once, then the farm becomes trusted, and the next replenishment will not require a verification code).

  • Subscribing or unsubscribing from notifications in Telegram, Discord.

  • Unsubscribing from account login notifications.

  • Login to your account (if suspicious activity is detected).

  • Creating a whitelist of IP addresses from which it is possible to log in to an account.

  • Enabling 2FA.

Additional info

  • Until the email address is confirmed, there will be a message in the settings about this. After confirmation, the status will change to Your email is confirmed.
securityrulesofhiveos securityrulesofhiveos
  • If the email address is verified and 2FA is enabled, a verification code will be requested in 2FA. If only the email address is confirmed, the code will be requested from the email.

We strongly recommend you to enable 2FA to make your account more secure! 🔐🛡

In case of any questions or difficulties, do not hesitate to contact us — [email protected]. We are always ready to help.