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Hive packages repository mirror setup

Repository mirror setup can be done with an existing Hiveon OS install to speed up Hiveon OS updates on multiple rigs and save internet bandwidth.

Note: The latest stable image and 20gb+ free disk space are recommended.

Setup process

In your console (either locally or remotely via hive remote shell/shellinabox etc.), run the repomirror install command:

/hive/opt/repomirror/repomirror -i

This will automatically expand the local disk and install and set up the web server and any dependencies needed for the repo mirror. An example of the successful output is displayed in the image below.


The repo will automatically sync every hour, but you can manually sync by running the command:

/hive/opt/repomirror/repomirror -s

If you're on the same network, you can verify the web server is functioning by going to: http://your.rig.ip/repo/binary/

The downloaded files are displayed in the repository.


Next, under your farm’s settings, scroll toward the bottom and click Advanced. In the Packages repositrory server mirror URL field, add your repo mirror address.


You can add multiple mirrors as well as host them remotely.

Happy Mining!


The video below provides more details on the packages repository mirror setup. Check it out if you need more information. Besides, if you have any questions regarding the repository mirror setup, you can always get in touch with our Hiveon Pool mining community

Repository mirror Guide