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How we add miners

Hive team is asked to implement this or that miner almost every day. Here we will explain why we don’t do this until it becomes popular.

miners image

Please look at the above screenshot. This coin gives +30% profit comparing to ETH at the moment we write this. tdxminer is doing this on RX cards.

Our 8 GPU rig gives 22 Mh on lyra2z algorithm. Total nethash is 204 Gh/s (204 000 Mh/s). So there are around 204 000 / 22 = 9200 miners. THIS IS THE WHOLE NETWORK FOR THIS COIN! Roughly 10k miners at most.

So someone who is asking “please add tdxminer” does not clearly understand what will happen next. We need just 3k miners more to get your profit down to ETH profit level. -30% from XZC profit.

Mine it alone until everybody finds this gem. Be happy.

And we already have a past story with lolminer and optiminer. Remember the hype with MNX coin? Hive chat was overloaded with messages like “oh please god add this super profitable miner!”. MNX difficulty raised to the sky after a week Hive added it. optiminer is now used by 0.01% of all Hive users. One hundred of percent!

So please be careful with your desires.