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What benefits does autofan in Hiveon OS have?

With autofan, you can set up the target temperature and the minimum speed of coolers. In this way, the coolers will work, and not exceed the target temperature at the same time. What is the result? Less noise and less wear of the coolers.

In turn, the standard autofan included in the card's BIOS, is designed for using the card in normal mode - without overlocking and working 24\7. Temperatures up to 70-75 degrees are okay in normal mode. But during the mining process, such temperatures can lead to failures, as the video card's components are working in the extreme mode (overclocking of the core and/or memory). This can lead to faster wear of the equipment, downtime due to errors, etc. Autofan in Hiveon OS helps to avoid all these problems.


Autofan in Hiveon OS