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Referral program for manufacturers and sellers of equipment

Increase sales and loyalty of your customers — preinstall the Hiveon OS system on your workers, make them referral. This will give your audience an additional reason to buy equipment from you, because you have already done some of the work for them, taken care of them and provided them with the best management and monitoring system.

Manufacturers and sellers of end-use equipment can make not only the account referral, but also workers — the Hiveon OS referral system allows doing this. To do this, you must have the ref_id.txt file in /hive-config, with the content of the seller’s ID_account in Hiveon OS.

Here's an example of how it should look. You are a hardware seller, and in Hiveon OS your ID_account is 777 (you can find this value here).


You create a text file ref_id.txt with the following content — 777. Then you save it. After recording onto the drive, you copy the generated ref_id.txt file to the /hive-config folder. Done! Now workers sold by you will also earn you referral rewards.

You should also consider the following things:

  • The referral worker has a higher priority than the referral account. An account can be a referral for one client, and a worker — for another.

  • In this case, the referral reward is divided proportionally (the referral account gets its share minus the referral workers).

  • The worker is registered as a referral only during the first communication with the Hive server. Thus, the presence of the ref_id.txt file is only necessary before the first communication session (successful sending hello to the server).