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Where to pay?

Find the “Pay” button in your account https://the.hiveos.farm/funds. After paying please check the status in the Deposits Tab. And you will have a bunch of emails from Coinpayments with the link to their bill and all the instructions.

When and how often is the account billed?

Your account is billed every day at 04:00 UTC.

Why does the daily payment for Hiveon OS differ from month to month?

In the tariff plan, the price is indicated for a calendar month - 3 USD / month for 1 rig. Charging takes place daily, on the next day based on the number of active rigs.

Historically, the number of days in a month is not the same, so the amount of daily charge also differs from month to month.

For example, February in a leap year 2020 has 29 days, so the amount of daily payment for 1 rig is: $3/29 days = $0.103. Accordingly, for 6 rigs the total amount of payment will be $0.62 per day. The next month, March, has 31 days and, accordingly, the daily payment will be 0.58.

Exchange and Wallets, how to pay

Exchanges like Bittrex, Poloniex, YoBit and others have high Withdrawal Fees and can have minimal withdrawal amount. Bitcoin BTC has very high TX Fee also. So it’s not reasonable to pay $5 form exchange with BTC (the worst case). What is advised is to have your own wallet like Jaxx or Exodus and put some money to it. There you can easily exchange assets, BTC->ETC, ETH->LTC for example. And to pay cents for transaction instead of dollars. ETC, BCH, LTC has very low fees.

Transaction Fee

!!! Make sure that you have covered the Transaction Fee !!! This is the most common problem the users have. It depends on your exchange or wallet software, but just make sure that your payment is the amount specified in the bill + tx fee.

You have paid without a fee.

So in the status you will have something like this:

Waiting for confirms… (0.00241/0.00253 received with 1 confirms)

There are 2 ways from to deal with it:

  • You leave this payment, the money will be returned in 24h. Make another payment this time including tx fee.
  • You can make another transaction to cove the missing amount (0.00253-0.00241). But you could have minimal withdraw restrictions on your exchange.

I have paid more, please add money to my account

This is not possible. You are not paying to Hive account directly, but to Coinpayments. If you had issued the bill for $15 then only $15 will get to Hive account. The extra money will return. If not you should raise the ticket with Coinpayments. But wait at least 24h, you will have a refund.

Problem solving

Use this form to check you payment status: https://www.coinpayments.net/supwiz-buyer-getinfo.

If you have no refund after 24h, please raise ticket with Coinpayments.

If you want to check the problem with Hive please provide.

  • Coinpayments Payment ID (C…) which you got in the email
  • Blockchain link or at least transaction number
  • Your Hive login
  • Don’t send photos!



From our experience with this service it is reliable. From time to time they have delays or maintenance but no money was lost so far. If you have any problem with the payment you should raise a ticket with them. But in most cases you should wait at least 24h before getting worried.