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Discounts and bonuses

Please note, that all current discount plans can be viewed on the pricing page.

Discounts for the number of Workers

If you have a large number of workers, you can count on a discount from us. This is how it works:

Number of workers Discount
50+ 10%
100+ 20%
250+ 30%
500+ 40%
1000+ 50%

Discounts apply for the total number of workers in the farms you own. For example, Farm1 has 40 and Farm2 has 20 workers, the discount will be calculated based on the total of 60 workers.

A 30% bonus for a deposit

To receive it, you have to meet the following two requirements:

  • First of all, you have to be the owner of the account and use paid Hiveon OS features for 2 weeks.

  • After these 2 weeks, you have to deposit 3 months worth of funds to your account. Then you will receive 30% of the deposited amount.

There is no need for you to calculate the deposit amount yourself. In case you are eligible to get the bonus, you will see the minimum amount in the “Your Funds” tab (feel free to pay more, but the minimum amount is required). After this, you can just deposit the money and enjoy your 30% bonus.

Please note, that you can’t make a deposit in several payments — everything must be done in one payment. Apart from this, keep in mind the Coinpayments fee.

A discount for using Hiveon ASIC Firmware

ASICs with Hiveon ASIC Firmware are not charged and can use Hiveon OS for free.

Paying for Hiveon OS on Hiveon Pool

The more rigs you have, the less you pay.

Number of rigs Discount Dev Fee
50+ 10% 2.7%
100+ 20% 2.4%
250+ 30% 2.1%
500+ 40% 1.8%
1000+ 50% 1.5%

To learn more about this option, please read this article.