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Hive billing explained

Terms used

Mining - calculations made by a device for mining cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency - is a type of digital electronic money that is used as an alternative to national currencies.

Worker - a device connected to Hive OS to display statistics, monitor and manage the mining process.

The following devices can be connected to Hive OS: CPU rig, GPU rig, ASIC.

CPU rig - a device with no more than one video card, the cryptocurrency mining is performed by the central processor or processors without the participation of video cards.

GPU rig - a device containing one or more video cards used for cryptocurrency mining.

ASIC - a specialized device designed for cryptocurrency mining.

Farm - a set of workers united by or without a specific attribute.

Hiveon ASIC - a series of firmware for various ASIC models developed for using ASIC with Hive OS. This firmware has additional features compared to the stock options. Moreover, you don’t have to pay for Hive OS when using it.

Free account - an account with a total of 4 or fewer workers (under certain conditions), excluding ASIC with Hiveon firmware.

Paid account - an account with a total of 5 or more workers, excluding ASIC with Hiveon firmware.

Check out all the terms for free and paid accounts below!

Tariffication in Hive OS

Hive balance is a prepaid system. You need to make a deposit to have more than 4 (four) free workers in your account or to use paid features with a free account.

Deposit can be minimum, there is no need to prepay the entire month. You can deposit even $1, for example, just to try.

Workers are billed every day, not on a monthly basis. Tariffication within the day is calculated every 5 minutes. This means that a worker which was active only for a while, will be charged in proportion to its active time, and not for the whole day. If the worker was online, and we see it in the statistics, it will be taken into account. If the worker has been disabled, it is not taken into account - you do not need to deactivate it in the interface to stop billing for it.

Charging balance is done after the passed day. Example: $0.5 is charged from your balance at 04:00 AM on the 4th of June for 5 rigs online from 04:00 AM of the 3rd of June to 04:00 AM of 4th of June.

Please note! If we notice fraudulent actions with tariffication made by a user, the bill will be issued in full.

Tariff packages

Standard tariff:

  • CPU rig - $0.30/month per a device
  • GPU rig - $3/month per a device
  • ASIC without Hiveon firmware - $2/month per a device

Standard tariff is applied to paid workers and is described excluding possible discounts.

ASIC with Hiveon firmware is not charged and is not taken into account in the total number of workers subject to payment. For instance. If you have 10 Antminer S17 running on Hiveon ASIC firmware, you can use Hive OS for management for free. If you have 10 Antminer S17 - on the Hiveon ASIC firmware, and 10 Antminer S9k - on the stock firmware, then the cost of using Hive OS in this case will be $20/month ($2/month per one ASIC device * 10 devices)

The fee for using Hive OS depends on the tariff package. Packages differ in the maximum number of workers in the system and the list of services provided. The transition from one package to another is carried out by connecting or disconnecting workers.

Free package

Owners of free accounts can use up to 4 workers without payment, but under certain conditions:

  • 1 rig is free without restrictions

Those users who have from 2 to 4 workers can use the system for free when:

  • mining Ethereum or Ethereum Classic on Hiveon pool
  • Mining other coins (except Ethereum and Ethereum Classic) on any other pools

If 2 or more workers are mining Ethereum or Ethereum Classic not on Hiveon pool, the standard tariff is applied to every such worker - $3/month.

The system remains free as long as you have 4 workers and all the conditions for free accounts are met. If you add the 5th worker to your account, the calculation will be done, and the daily fee for all 5 workers will be charged.

Paying for the system: deposits

Hive OS accepts only cryptocurrency. There are several ways to pay for Hive OS:

  • to your personal Ethereum address generated in your account.

  • to your personal ERC20 Stablecoins address generated in your account (we support USDT, USDC, TUSD). The detailed information can be found here.

  • using a payment gateway Coinpayments (we accept BTC, LTC, XMR). The detailed information can be found here.

  • at the cost of referral rewards (read below in the “Referral system” section).

Paying for the system: commission on the Hiveon pool

For paid users who mine Ethereum or Ethereum Classic cryptocurrency, there is an optional opportunity to pay for Hive OS by mining on Hiveon pool with a deducted commission of 3% as a payment for Hive OS.

Please note that this method is applicable only to devices mining Ethereum or Ethereum Classic on the Hiveon pool, and the standard tariff will be applied to other devices.

You can learn more about this opportunity here.

Dev Fee of Hiveon ASIC

With Hiveon ASIC firmware, there is no charge for using Hive OS, and such ASICs are not counted in the total number of devices for calculating payments. However, they are taken into account to get a discount on the number of devices. The firmware has a dev fee from 2% to 2.8%, depending on the ASIC model.


Since the Hive OS balance is a prepaid system, no refunds or withdrawals are available. You can transfer funds between users and farms, but there is no withdrawal option.

And if you, for instance, decided to stop mining completely, you can check this chat. You can find there a person who would like to buy your balance.

According to the terms of use of the system, it is not possible to return to your personal wallet deposits, bonuses and funds that were deposited during the promotions and led to the receipt of bonuses.

Referral system

You can invite friends and your audience to Hive OS, and make money on it - 10% of what every referral you bring pays for using Hive OS. Referral rewards are paid once a month to the ETH address specified in the settings.

The detailed information regarding the referral system can be found here


Discounts apply for the total number of workers in the farms you own. For example, Farm1 has 40 and Farm2 has 20 workers, the discount will be calculated based on the total of 60 workers (40+20).

You can learn more about discounts and bonuses here.

ASICs have a different base price and are cheaper than GPU rigs because there are not as many functions compared to rigs. Workers with Hiveon ASIC Firmware are not charged and can use Hive OS for free.


If the debt on your farm is from $1, you have the opportunity to get a credit for 5 days. Even with a negative balance, your workers will be working. After 5 days, the farm will be blocked and the mining process will be stopped. The negative balance will be covered automatically after you make a new deposit.

User and Farm balance

For more convenient money management farms have their own balances. You can make a deposit to your account and then replenish the balance of a particular farm. If the farm balance is 0, the user’s balance will be charged automatically, so you will have no need to worry about the direct replenishment of your farm.

There is a button on the billing page that you can use to activate paid features. The list of paid features includes SSL worker connection, monthly stats, etc. As new features are implemented, the list will be updated here.

Being a free user (with 4 or fewer workers), you can support the project and benefit from using the paid features.


You can set another user to be responsible for depositing the farms that you own. This user may be your financial manager, for example. This requires the Monitor level of access.