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ASIC Hub software upgrade

This article describes ASIC Hub software upgrade management and installation.

Using web UI

Open Hub web UI (http://localhost:8800) and go to Settings -> Software Update


This page allows to perform software upgrade or select updates release channel.

Update channels

There are 3 release channels for updates from most to least stable:

  • Stable - This channel has gotten the full testing and is the best bet to avoid crashes and other issues.
  • Beta - If you are interested in seeing what's next, with minimal risk, Beta channel is the place to be.
  • Testing - Testing builds are the bleeding edge. Released daily, this build has not been tested or used, it's released as soon as it's built.

Install updates

When new update is available, update notification will be displayed on software update page.


Click Install Update to install new ASIC Hub version.

Using hubctl tool

Use hubctl update check to check and install updates and hubctl update set-channel to change update channel.

Manual update

You can perform manual upgrade or downgrade by downloading desired Hub build from download.hiveos.farm and following the same procedure as for regular manual installation, described in installation article.

Installation script will detect existing Hub installation and will perform upgrade.