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General questions

How to start or stop ASIC Hub?

See Start or stop service section in Hub installation guide for Windows or Linux.

How to update ASIC credentials?

Open Devices page in Web UI and click on ✏️ icon near device and update login and password.


Also, credentials can be updated with hubctl devices edit command.

ASIC IP was changed, how do I update it?

You can change ASIC IP address in device edit modal.

Click ✏️ button near device and change ASIC IP address.

How do I remove device from ASIC Hub?

Click on 🗑 button near device in devices list to remove ASIC from monitoring.

Where can I find a log file of ASIC Hub?

There are 3 ways to obtain ASIC Hub log file:

  1. Open your Hub worker in Hiveon OS and click Miner ActionsMiner Log.
  2. Get log from Hub Web UI (About ASIC HubDownload Log File).
  3. Locate and open the log file on a local machine:
    • Linux - /var/log/asic-hub/hub.json
    • Windows - C:\Program Data\Hiveon\ASIC Hub\logs\hub.json

Do we have DHCP Server capability? How is IP management works in ASIC Hub? Through the router?

ASIC Hub is an application designed to manage ASIC miners. It does not manage the local network. The first time you launch the Hub, you specify a range(s) of IP addresses. The Hub scans this range and maps all devices it can recognize to Hive. During regular work, when collecting telemetry, the Hub accesses each miner by its IP address.


Please inspect ASIC Hub log file before contacting HiveOS support. In most cases a cause of a problem is present in a log file.

Also, we recommend to temporary enable debug logging in config file.

Hiveon OS reports that ASIC is offline

  1. Check that ASIC is reachable with specified IP address.

    • If device is online but IP address was changed, update its IP address in devices list in ASIC Hub web UI.
  2. Check that ASIC credentials used by Hub are correct, otherwise - update them.

  3. Check that Hub device monitor is running in Settings -> About Hub in Monitor Status section or use hubctl monitor status command.

    hub-monitor status

    If monitor status is Not Running, use hubctl monitor start command to start ASIC monitoring.

  4. Check ASIC Hub log for Hiveon OS API error issues.


    {"level":"error","error":"failed to push stats to worker API: HiveWorkerAPI: \"Post \\\"http://api.hiveos.farm/worker/api?method=stats\\\": http: server closed idle connection\": Post \"http://api.hiveos.farm/worker/api?method=stats\": http: server closed idle connection","tag":"monitor","message":"failed to push stats for device"}

    Try to change API mirror in config file, if error presents.

  5. Check ASIC Hub log and check any log reports about your ASIC.


    ASIC is unreachable with specified address:

    {"level":"error","error":"failed to get device stats: device is unreachable (connect error (dial tcp connect: no route to host))","tag":"monitor","rig_id":"...","ip":"","time":"2020-11-07T01:40:22Z","message":"failed to push stats for device"}

    ASIC web API not available:

    {"level":"error","error":"502 Bad Gateway - /cgi-bin/luci/admin/status/overview","tag":"monitor","rig_id":"1","ip":"","mac":"c6:10:19:00:28:25","time":"2021-01-28T19:14:46+05:00","message":"send hello failed"}
  6. Try solutions from ASIC frequently goes offline and online section below.

  7. If nothing helps - contact ASIC Hub support and attach ASIC Hub log file.

Hub doesn't see ASICs after power outage or router restart

There are two possible reasons - ASIC IP or MAC address were changed.

ASICs with static IP address

Check that ASIC MAC address was not changed.

If MAC address was changed, we recommend several tools to assign a static MAC:

  • WhatsMiner - Static MAC can be assigned in ASIC web UI or using WhatsMinerTool.

ASICs with dynamic IP address

Check that ARP scanner is enabled:

  • Check [ARP] section in a config file
  • Run hubctl stats arp in terminal to check if ARP scanner is running and your device is discoverable by scanner.
  • Check that ASIC MAC address was not changed.

ASIC frequently goes offline and online.

There are a few possible reasons:

Hiveon OS API issue

Check Hub log and ensure that HiveOS API address specified in config file is accessible and works correctly.

Try to change API mirror in config file if issue is caused by Hiveon OS API side.

Here is an example of Hiveon OS API error in ASIC Hub log:

{"level":"error","error":"failed to push stats to worker API: HiveWorkerAPI: \"Post \\\"http://api.hiveos.farm/worker/api?method=stats\\\": http: server closed idle connection\": Post \"http://api.hiveos.farm/worker/api?method=stats\": http: server closed idle connection","tag":"monitor","message":"failed to push stats for device"}

Network router can't handle workload

Regular home router usually can handle up to 80 ASICs with ASIC hub in the same network.

If you have more that 80 devices, it's recommended to use a better dual-core router like Keenetic Ultra (or better).

ASIC responds too slow

Sometimes one of ASICs may respond too slow on stats collection request and this may produce a "traffic-jam" problem, when a Hub can't report device stats to HiveOS on time and Hiveon OS thinks that some devices are offline.

One of possible solutions are:

  • Try do decrease DefaultPingInterval value in config file, Hub will probe devices more frequently.
  • Try to decrease ConnectTimeout, Hub will wait less time for ASIC response.
  • Try to decrease MaxGroupSize, Hub will allocate more threads for device monitoring.

ASIC Hub didn't start after update

Check that ASIC Hub is started, otherwize start it manually:

  • Linux - sudo systemctl start asic-hub
  • Windows - net start asic-hub (as Administrator)

Issues with network router after ASIC Hub start

Try to disable ARP scanner in a config file.