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About ASIC Hub

ASIC Hub allows user to register and monitor their own ASICs in Hive OS without using a special firmware with Hive OS client.

ASIC Hub architecture

ASIC Hub Architecture

ASIC Hub acts as a bridge between ASICs and Hive OS platform. It collects stats from each ASIC and sends it to Hive OS and applies configuration from Hive OS to your ASICs (e.g. applying flight sheets).

As ASIC Hub is an separate software, it introduces some advantages and limitations in comparison to custom firmware.


  • Wider ASIC support range.
  • No custom firmware required.
  • Faster ASIC deployment speed.


  • Limited features comparing to a custom firmware (e.g. no overclocking)
  • ASICs should be accessible to ASIC Hub by IP address.
  • Single point of failure (if ASIC Hub host goes down, all ASICs become offline).