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Zotax P104-100 Tuning

My current Zotax’s P104-100 settings are:
+Core Clock (Mhz): -15
+Memory (Mhz): 1400
Power Limit (W): 130


Gigabyte’s P104-100 settings:
+Core Clock (Mhz): 110
+Memory (Mhz): 1900
Power Limit (W): 140

41Mh/s (stable)

I had tried various setting for Zotax but 36.2Mh/s is maximal value.

Could anyone so kindly share own setting for Zotax, please?

I managed to get 39-41. But only in windows by using afterburner curve

I’ve remotely managed for my friend and got 38MH stable with this settings:
MEM 1400 FAN 70 PL 130

What core