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ZOTAC RTX 3060 Ti Twin Edge

Hello guys, I have two of this cards with Hinyx memory in my rig, and i am running it core clock 1350 and mem 1700, power limit 165.
58,8mhs and 150w of power.
Is there a possibility to make it consume less electricity without lose MH/S?

When I try to put more mem clock i am getting invalid shares and crash.

Aside from trying other bios versions, which may or may not make any difference, unlikely it would do much. 1350mhz is about as low as you can go without sacrificing hashrate for lower power.

So it would be best to leave it like this?
Why doesn’t it show me the memory temperature for the 3060 Ti? I have in the same rig 4x 2070 Super and there I can see what the memory temperatures are, but for 3060 Ti not?

i would run it where it works, eth mining ends in a week anyway. hive only shows memory temps for gddr6x nvidia cards, did you install an aftermarket script that scrapes the junction temp and places it in the mem temp section for the 20 series?

I didn’t install anything, after the driver update it started to show temperatures

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