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Zotac 3070 Ti Memory Junction?

Hello guys.

I just wanna see if this is normal ? When i mining Raven Coin or Conflux. My memory junction is always from 100-104 c . Is this normal ? I have RTX Zotac 3070 Ti LHR card. Fan speed 80% or 90%

what do you guys have for memory junction temp ? . My GPU temp is 54-56 c . So its good cooling.

I dont think this is normal, your card is in the case?
This is my experience, last post

Zotac dont pay atteintion on putting thermalpads, i have few of them 3080, and somme throttle`s a lot.
Good thing is, they dont use any stickers, so you can unscrew them and change :slight_smile:

Aha cool ? What thermalpads do u recommend ? Is there any youtube video for putting thermal pads on RTX 3070 Ti ?

Aha cool , thanks for sharing your post

Use the one with the most wat/square and of course, check the thicknes of it!

  1. Uscrew and check size and thicknes of it. Screw it back.
  2. Find the best one you need and order.
  3. Unscrew aggin and replace.

TJunction at 100 is not that bad. Was wirking with 5700Xt at level 120deg. for months…
I was not able to read temp, just in TRM. All the time was wondering why its fan is100% and its only 45 core and 85 mem temp.
After change of it`s thetrmapads, its all fine - best card ever :smiley:

EDIT: It`s just my opinion and advise, not a tutorial :smiley:

Sorry guys, how do you check mem temps in hiveOS for nvidia cards? My 3070Ti doesn’t show it in Hive neither in miners. TY

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