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Zotac 3060 ti

Hi all, new to Hive os and mining some what, but learning. I have a 3060 ti (Asus) rig up and running no issues. My second rig I started with Zotac 3060 ti, and have been having trouble getting running. I have a rebtech 8 gpu Mb and server 1200w power supply. Ive reinstalled the Hive os running 0.6-217@220528, my nvidia drivers are 510.60.02. when my cards come up in the browser I see the cards: GA104 [GeForce RTX 3060 Ti LHR] · ZOTAC, but under the name where power n info should be it says Malfunction. Any ideas?

When I run justMotherboard I get :

Wani [R5/R6/R7 Graphics] · Advanced Micro Devices [AMD]

Rebtech motherboards need certain drivers, if you contact them they should be able to tell you what works for those

Thanx, I contacted them and I got the info in less then 24 hours!

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which driver version(s) did they say? so others that find this thread can see

they said Rebtech boards cpus are not compatible with nv 510 drivers, and too downgrade to nv470 drivers

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