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Zotac 3060 LHR Keeps Crashing

So I have been having issues with my ETH rig rebooting and then finally couldn’t get it back into HiveOS to start mining. So I have removed all of the cards and made sure I can get into Bios and checked all my settings are good. Also HiveOS sees my motherboard.
After many attempts at adding cards I keep having issues. Finally I started with a Zotac 3060 Twin Edge LHR card all by itself. I started using the most popular OC settings…
Core - 120, Mem - 2200, PL - 130
After about 3 minutes the miner just stopped and I lost video to my monitor with the HDMI cable plugged into the 3060. So I backed out all of the overclocks and restarted the miner just using defaults for the 3060. Same thing, about 3 minutes later the miner stopped and I lost video again on the screen. The rig isn’t powering off, its just crashing.
This was a brand new card I just got from Zotac.
Any ideas?

always use a locked core clock for cards that support it (16 series and newer), ~ 1500 seems to work well with lhr cards. but you can play around with it to see what works best on what miner. i run mine at 1600/2900 no power limit and get 37.xx with latest trex on latest nvidia drivers.

OK, I’ll try those clocks. I appreciate it.
I actually found a much larger problem. The 2-way PSU splitter had one of the wires come completely out of the connector and it ended up frying one of my PSU’s. After checking further one of the PCI-E cables going into the other PSU got melted as well. So down 2 PSU’s. Not sure if any cards were affected though.

for a ~1MH less on each card, you could consider lowering your OC settings for the long run of your cards plus less energy consumption

From my experience Zotac like GPU doesn’t work as well as I thing. I’m working with a 3060 TI, after bought a Pegasus 3060 (great performance and very easy to setup).
All my setups are with -500 because mining ETH doesn’t need CPU, you mine with memory. Attach Below.

The trouble that I see, is the temperature, over 54 every good OC go down, so my advice is keep your warm out and keep your GPUs under this temp and work fine.
I hove you have succeeded