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Zombie mode pcie x16

I was wondering till when it’s still profitable to mine in zombie mode when directly connected to a pcie x16 slot? So not on the x1 risers. I’m still getting 27mh on a rx470 4gb.

im way under that 20.8/24.5 2xpcie x16

I think your mobo is 2x pciex16 but when both in use first one is x16 and second one is x8. I gor another board with 2 mining in pcie x16 but first one is x16 and second one x4. First one makes 27.45 and one the x4 i make 15.44.

Im sure you can crank it up a bit check my oc:

Oh yeah this board is pcie 2.0

prety sure i set it in bios pcie 3.0 2x8 = pcie 2.0 2x16
x370 killer sli

Hello, how do you get 27mh,
I have got 19.5mh with Lolminer (HiveOS) and GPU rx570 4GB on PCI-E 16x with values mem 2000, core 1050, core voltage 890 .
Could you give me advice, do I have to set up zombie mode on lolminer or somethink.
thank you

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