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Zano Coin

Can anyone tell me how to set up Zano? Not very savvy at setting up the pool and miners manually.

I have same question. Seens zano is not available for linux users.
Have someone mining zano throught Hiveos using flight sheets config?

I have no idea what i’m doing, but through trial and error the following seemed to work…

flight sheet configured as follows

coin - zano
wallet - address direct from zano
pool - ‘configure in miner’
miner - ‘TT-miner’ with following configuration
- hash algorithm- PROGPOWZ
-Wallet and worker template- %WAL%.%WORKER_NAME%
-Pool server:port -

everything else left blank

I only have a 1050ti running; experimenting with mining other coins

Hi guys, Zano miner here.
I configure my worker like Lutherbellejean said and everything works well. I mine with 8x Asus GT1030. Now have a 23MH/s hashrate. Not the more efficient but a good way to start.

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