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Xserver not loading on 2 rigs?

I have 2 systems that apparently will not load and run Xserver. This is my calculated guess why I cannot get the Roxterm, GUI, and toolbar. Runs fine on 2 rigs, 2 rigs will not give me the GUI. I would really like to have it available. The working units are An MSI Tomahawk Arctic Z270, and a Biostar TB250BTC Pro. The NON WORKING systems are an ASUS Z170k and an MSI Z270A Pro. Please advise

So its NVIDIA Xserver?/? Interesting that it only loads on Nvidia cards.
So HIVE OS offers GUI capability only if you are porting to an Nvidia GPU?
Or am I missing something?

Nvidia rig need Xserver to set overclocks
AMD rig doesn’t need Xserver for the OC, so it won’t load
You can set the GUI on boot from the “Workers Option” in Hiveos Web UI (default auto)

Thanks for chining in on this Sergio.
It does not work on the 2 AMD rigs.
I am not a Linux wiz, so I am flying blind on asking about Xserver, but that message seemed to come across the terminal, and there is no Web browser, or Roxterm icons as on the other boxes. So back to the original message of the post.
Its does not work on 2 systems. Both are AMD. I feel its to do with BIOS matters, and have read something about enabling onboard graphics can help. I may try this, but since things work well enough, do not care to take things down to deal with the matter.


So this was also not made very clear, but setting WORKER OPTIONS to GUI ENABLED which you did not specify is what makes it work.
The idea that having the GUI is only needed for Nvidia is of course a joke.
ITS VERY USEFUL. Especially since the command terminals on the AMD rigs do NOT function properly and will not allow to switch between or view running miners.
Opening another terminal window with the GUI allows full control over the rig from the rig console, SO its VERY useful to have it there for AMD rigs. It helps everything.
To say its only needed for Nvidia is not really true.

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