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XRM wallet/pool/miner setup

I am very new to HiveOS and crypto mining in general and I need some help. I set up a wallet for XMR in hiveos and then configures a Flight sheet for dual mining. I am mining XRM with my processor while mining other coins with my GPUs. My GPU mining is going fine and I am seeing the coins hit my wallet. With the XMR I have been mining for over a week now and I have not seen anything. I went through the basic settings on the Flight Sheet with choosing a coin, then picking my wallet, then for the pool I choose minexmr and then finally for the miner I selected XMRig (new). This seemed simple enough and worked well withe the other coins I am mining. Since I had not seen any coin from this hitting my wallet I went to to see if there was anything else I needed to do and saw this.
Do I need an account?
No, you just need to supply the payout address as your username

If I hit configure pool option in hiveos it does not give me an option for user name. Is anyone able to direct me on how to configure this properly?

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