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Dear community

Do you even know a pool that allow minig XNA (Neurai) and allow to be paid in BTC ?


2miners, kryptex, zergpool
Is it enough?

2miners : no

krypter : no
Payout are done in XNA

zergpool : no
They even don’t have XNA pool

No it isn’t :slight_smile:

2miners - I’m agree … for XNA no BTC payouts

they have but it has extremely low hashrate on pool (block found in 2 weeks)

the same thing with zpool
BUT! If you want payment in BTC why you need XNA pool in this case :face_with_peeking_eye:
And therefore Nicehash Kawpow better solution as for me to get BTC payouts.

Nicehash spend his days changing algorithm … which leads my 8GB boards to rebuild DAG and sometime fully crash.Even the miner lower clock while building DAG, it took on a full day somethign like (30s * 2x/hour * 1 day) = 24 mn at least of sleeping a day…
If you look at stats the time Nicehash spend mining, you’ll see 20% loss because of this
Also they are very late syncing market value
As example, if CLORE raise up of 20%, it can take days for Kawpow to reach this value
Nicehash is only good with rockstable coin with flat progress/regression like it was with ETH, else you lose tons on money

Double lol
Long life to terran, zerg go die


Ok than you have brain and hands to do good :smile: