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XMRrig-new-xmrig vs cpuminer-opt-gr hash rate problems

I’m having a really low hash rate issues when mining RTM with XMRig-New vs. cpuminer-opt-gr. I have a 5900x and a 5800x which are steadily producing 3-3.6kh/s and 2-2.4kh/s when using cpuminer-opt-gr. However, XMRig-New is yielding me around 800h-1.2kh/s per CPU!

Any config ideas? XMRig is extemely buggy accepting custom CPU values - or sometimes it loses the config files, especially if one adds a custom URL to miner.

What if you run them with no extra config? Does I’m the issue persist?

And are you looking at pool averages or local hashrates?

cpuminer-opt-gr does its own autoconfig that runs for 2 hours 'ish. XMRig was runned without any configs. The hashrates are low both on the local environment and on the pool. Also the payouts were significantly lower.

HIVE OS’s CPU field does not use the configs one puts there (even with correctly preformatted {cpu…).

Merely I’m here to seek assistance any of you who might be using XMRig-NEW and are yielding same or better results than cpuminer-opt-gr. I watched a YouTube where a miner yielded better results during one week using pool and XMRig-NEW than any other, but he was using Windows so…

You shouldn’t need any config on either, unless you want to change the tune config on cpuminer.

What clock/voltage are you running? I average 3.4-3.5kh on all my ryzen x900x.

If both are getting poor results I’d imagine it’s not the miners and the clock settings.