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Xmrig "right" mining options


i have some systems running xmrig under linux. 2 of them are Ryzen 9 5950X with a big CPU water cooling. In xmrig Benchmark i saw, that it can hash up to 25kHs - i get at most ~15kHs. I have play around with Kernel params, bios Settings, over- and undervoltage and a lot of other Options. My stable System has not more the 15kHs produced. Mainboards are new, all updates are done.
Also i see, that it does not a big dfference, if i use 26 of 32 CPU’s or all of them. The result is likely the same.
What is the trick?


What algorithm?

algo rx/0

what algorithm benchmarked at 25kh? your cpu should only do ~16-17kh on randomx.

But i looks like they use also randomX.
See AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16-Core Processor - RandomX - 1MH - 42.789 seconds - XMRig


ah you mean someone elses cpu benchmarked that high? im sure with some XOC/ln2 and very fast memory you could get closer to that. average would be in the 16-17kh/s range for a 3950/5950

OK, thats calms me :slight_smile:
What means XOC/In2 ?


Extreme over clocking, liquid nitrogen

One of my Ryzen 9 5950X has a big water cooling system. Another one has the default air cooling fan.
The difference between the hashrates of both of them are minimal… i had try many overclocking articles an watch videos. I doesent found any relevant option, what does significat raise the hasrate.
I have also buy the same motherboard, like some of the guys in the xmrig benchmarks.
Any suggestions?


Can you tell me about your hardware configuration??

Therw is no special config. Some tweaks at CPU System Clock to 4200Mhz.
Any other option will result in a crash, sometimes before xmrig is running.
I use linux as OS, not windows.


I have a 5900x and I’m having the same difficulty! But from what I’ve been talking about in several places with other people is the following…“Is your RAM Cl14?” I’ve already asked this question so many times that I’m thinking of spending some money on a cl14, but I had a doubt because I found a lower latency on a cl14 3200 compared to a cl14 3600! So I’m still studying it! Now I ask, what is your RAM and its latency?

In real: i dont know (at this point). The PC is running since ~ 2 years in a rack as live working server. I cannot open it at this time. Maybe later …