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Xmrig , number of threads not taken into account

For too hight temperature issues on my room, i wnanted to limit the number of tread used for example 12.
But the following setting is not taken into account ;

Is it the proper way to define it on HiveOS ?

Was having the same problem. Eventually it accepted using only 3 cores (75% of a 4 core cpu). Not entirely certain which setting did it :astonished:

If someone figures it out, let us know lol

"cpu": {
  "huge-pages": true,
  "hw-aes": null,
  "memory-pool": false,
  "asm": true,
  "threads": 3,
  "affinity": [1, 1, 1],
  "max-threads-hint": 75,
  "max-cpu-usage": 75,
  "max-usage": 75

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