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XMRIG config optimization problems

hello, i manage to get xmrig to work and my xeon e5 2650 V3 its mining now but i think its pretty low (only 3600h/s) i have it by default, its there any way to optimize? how do i active hugepages and what other settings do you recommend?? i can’t find any guide on how to cpu mine in hiveos, its there any guide that i can follow?? thanks!!

First at all you can compare your hashrate with other people at
Second … wait for randomx hardfork then it will be nice boost for your system with such CPU

First at all i already did that, the 2630v3 do 3500 h/s, i have the 2650v3 so i know it can be better… Second i want to mine Loki (randomx) and prepared before the hardfork, when all the people like you will upgrade cpu, rising the prices or not finding any of the available… that its not helpfull