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Xmrig-amd to support RandomX?

Hi all-
Just prepping for the Monero RandomX fork. Anyone know of RandomX support built into xmrig-amd? Is it upcoming?

  1. XMRig-AMD will be deprecated since XMRig will be unified 3-in-1 miner like XMR-Stak
  2. RandomX algo for CPU. GPU shown very poor results on it
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Have your tried running opencl and CPU together? when I set hugepages I get segmentation faults

XMRig-AMD and XMRig-Nvidia are out of date.
XMRig released new unified miner CPU/OpenCL/CUDA in XMRig.

Hive release new unified miner as xmrig-new. In miner’s select dropbox it appeared as XMRig (unified). Current latest is v5.0.1

For using miner for RandomX you need enough RAM to achieve maximum hashrate by enabling hugepages to required value.

I have tried it
Using Vegas with it and if I combine the two, thats when the errors start

For which algo you’re tried? RandomX? I think it’s waste of electricity mining RandomX on GPU