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XMR / Vega 64 and 56 strange performance and thread usage

I am just starting to migrate my rigs to HiveOS. My Test-“Rig” is:

  • 1x AMD Vega 64 / 8 GB
  • 1x AMD Vega 56 / 8 GB

I am mining XMR on xmr-stak.
It seems that both cards are having issues in using a second thread. “Low ratio or invalid shares” error occurs and the threads are looking like this:

Besides both cards are poorly performing.

What can I do?


Switch to teamredminer and make sure you have the vega image flashed. I stick to 6-01 vega image, more stable for me for some reason.

Hi, look, read the first video card here, you can find a solution:
And for the second one here:
If you have questions, ask
Sorry for my English)

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Maybe all because of xmr?