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XMR-Stak or XMRig and monero 7 / electroneum (after fork)?

Hi, I am new to this and was wondering if there was an easy way to setup XMR-Stak or XMRig to mine monero 7 / electroneum (after fork) ?

Currently trying to setup second miner to use CPU and it “work” but nothing shows up on pool (likely because of fork)

Using latest hiveos build (installed today) and not using nicehaeh

In wallet, check that you are using correct pool address and port.

In Config override, try putting “currency”: “monero7” for XMR.

Thanks givo. I ensured pool info is correct as it works for another PC on windows and tried updating config override with “currency”:“monero7” but no change either.

Figured it out. Along with adding “currency”: “monero7” in the config override, since i am doing this as a second minner, i had to indicate no gpu in the AMD and Nvidia configs (they were previously blank) and it worked

@suntan so you got xmr-stak to work with no gpu config setting? I am having a similar issue with xmrig but it only works for CPU out of the box so I’m not sure why it isn’t working. I tried like hell to get xmr-stak to work before I went to xmrig

I am using Second Miner to mine ETN with CPU only

I ensured I had my ETN wallet witht the below info for XMR-Stak

After adding the Second Miner, I also went into “Tuning” and replicated the info found on my Wallet and it worked for me

Miner Fork = fireice-uk
Config override = “currency”:“monero7”
AMD config override = “gpu_threads_conf” : [], “platform_index” : 0,
NVIDIA config override = “gpu_threads_conf” : [],