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XMR Stak loses connection to some cards

I have an issue with XMR Stak that it loses connection to two of my cards
This really messes around with the watchdog

Im not sure if this is only API information that its not displaying or the actual cards that arent hashing. When i look at the averages it doesnt look like its dropping there

sometimes this information doesnt display for 3-4 mins triggering my watchdog settings. Also makes the stats page look like mess

out of all my rigs, only this one does it and only on those two GPUs

Any help would be great

OMG 1080ti @ cryptonight …
Something wrong with your settings. GTX 1060 3Gb give 540-560 H/s

ok, now that you have set your inner 12 year old free. Can you give me any insight as to why the OS loses communications to only those two cards?

btw, just in case you haven’t been paying attention, CNv7 is profitable for NVidia right now as well, sure its no vega but it sure beats the snot out of most of the other options right now… low power usage decent payouts, for now

Why people asking question but didn’t get any info about miner, OC, wallet settings, etc…
All that can be said from the picture is that these cards are 1080ti. Why so? Something is not right. Give more information if you waiting for help

XMR Stack
NO overclocks for this right now
Loses (API??) Connection every 20-30 secs. Cards seem to function fine, however the dashboard seems to lose connection to them
triggers my watchdog settings(Which I can set higher I know, not the point)
Wallet seems quite irrelevant. All default settings for XMR Stak
see the yellow blocks that shows its not getting info back fromt he cards. that’s the reason I’m posting here

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I am also having problems with 1080ti no matter what I do they have some problem

same problem though?
Cause they seem to be hashing just fine. Just the reporting back to the OS seems a bit off

Hash reporting comes and stops didnt check if they crashed or kept mining

Yes, I see this for my 1080ti’s as well. It will be hashing and then all of a sudden go to Zero.
I have included overclock settings

OK, now another problem. BTW, I have abandoned the XMR stak. I am now using CCMiner. Here is the message I get. I have searched the forum here and could have sworn I saw this but cannot find how to set at the moment.