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XHV miner login error code 4

Used XMrig default miner config

It’s mean wrong wallet usually

Thanks for the reply, will check wallet address. Using an exchange xhv address…Coinex , works with Raven coin…?

What miner and pool are using?
But firstly check address

Used XMrig miner & minerock pool with same result…?

Seller address for xhv is correct

Not sure that it’s XMRig on your screenshot. Seems it’s xmr-stak which can’t mine XHV due incompatible after last XHV hardfork.

Tried both…XMRig gave login error code 4…will try XMRig again…do I need to enable AMD override “algo” “cryptonight” in miner config…?

Or “cryptonight_haven” not sure what to use…

Outdated miners (it contains old XHV algo version):

  • XMRig-AMD
  • XMRig-Nvidia
  • XMRig (old, for CPU only)

You’ll need to XMRig (new). But I’m suggest use TeamRedMiner

Thanks for your time & the info…:+1: Will test teamred as soon as I get a chance…

Thanks HaloGenius , 570 4gb all running between 995 & 1011 h/s…:+1: appreciate your time & help…:grin:

We doing best for you :wink:

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