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XFX Triple Dissipation RX-57XT83LD8 (Micron Ram)

I have the video cards in the thread. I use the following settings.
Power consumption is too high. I wonder if there are “special bios” that will provide less power consumption?
Thank you.

Yes; however, most people either offer a paid service where they charge you like $100 USD per rig to optimize your bios and settings, or people describe the steps needed in order to extract the original bios, modify it with tools, and re-flash it back to the card. As far as I can tell, no one has made a bios available for download … I guess for liability reasons? I don’t know. I searched for a 5700 XT custom bios for a couple of days and gave up and decided to make my own.

There are plenty of guides online (YouTube, forums, etc.) on how to modify the bios. What I did was use my windows machine (not for mining) and hooked up a 5700 XT to it, used the tools to extract the bios and edit it. The tools you’ll need are MorePowerTool (MPT) and Red BIOS Editor (RBE) found at .

I would spend a solid 1 or 2 days consuming content BEFORE you even decide to do the edits yourself. These cards are expensive and it’s worth it to be patient and learn and read the forums first.

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Hello. After doing a lot of research, I decided to write here. Even with MPT adjustments I couldn’t get below 56 MHS / 163 W.

What is your OC settings? 1800 is mvdd?

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