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XFX Rx5700 dd will not be recognized in hive with 2 x Vega 64 (run 56)

Hey folks. Running a 2xVega 64 (56 bios, also using amdmemtweak straps) system with these deets:
0.6-204@210704 latest.
Hive AMD 20.40 (5.9.0325) drivers on an
M5A99FX PRO R2.0 ASUSTeK( 2501 04/07/2014) MB W/ CPU AMD FX™-8320 Eight-Core Processor.
(Rm1000i PSU) (16g ddr3)
Using Teamredminer when up.

The other day I picked up an XFX rx5700dd as an extra, but I can’t for the life of me get it to play with the Vegas running alongside.
I’ve tried the 5700 in win and hive, works fine on its own, onboard and out on riser.

Tried running it in all diff slots with the Vegas, (also swapped into diff slots) and just a Vega single, but with the 57 in only the Vegas are picked up. If the Vegas are in they’ll happily use a hdmi output for vid. Also tried using 57 as vid out in all configs in the hope hive would pickup as primary.
OCs were removed in test, and maintenance mode w drivers has been tested on all occasions of swapping riser positions as well.
I’ve mined the forums in an effort to get all 3 to play nicely and the Rx be recognized to no avail. Obviously it’s doable, as I have seen mixed rigs with both.
Any ideas? Cheers, G

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