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Xfx rx570 8gb Samsung not working


this problem happened after blackout, the card isn’t recognized by the system anymore I tried every common solution flash it back with original bios connect it without riser on windows the fans still spins and the card got hot so I think it’s not dead or hardware issue idk I’m not a pro but could this be a sensor problem ?

I hope someone could help me with this please .

Hey, sorry to hear that. I would definitely invest in a power surge protection. When you connected the card to your main pc on windows and flash it back to original bios, was this the only gpu attached? Hiveos is still detecting the card it looks like. Could it be your load average? I know if mine creeps at all over 1.00 LA it will usually crash the rig as it will keep scaling up. Could also try resetting OC settings for all your cards and see if you can populate the temp and power numbers before returning OC settings. Usually when they aren’t appearing its a driver issue, but it could also be LA. Hope this helps!

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